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Matthew McKinnon Corey was born January 11, 1964 in Hartford, CT. In 1951, Matt’s parents, Frederick Thomas Corey and Marie Jean Corey, came from Maine to Hartford for better job opportunities after his father served in WWII.

Matt’s father worked for the U.S. Postal Service as a letter carrier by day and held many second jobs to make ends meet at night. He was a courier for Connecticut National Bank, a Hartford cab driver, and worked for a cleaning company.

Matt’s mother worked at Royal Typewriter in Hartford and also at Pratt and Whitney Aircraft, in security and investigations. She left those companies to raise her seven children and went back to work as often as she could. Matt is a lifelong resident of Manchester, CT.

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Catch up on The Real Story: @MattCoreyCT talks with @JennBNews and @AlTerzi
about his campaign for Senate & gives his take on the current situation with the Saudis. @FOX61News

#SoundOffCT: @MattCoreyCT joined Jim in studio to discuss his run against @ChrisMurphyCT for Senate.

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Murphy Continues to Dodge Debating Matt Corey

Murphy Continues to Dodge Debating Matt Corey Just “too busy” is an insult to Connecticut voters Murphy cares more about his lush D.C. lifestyle than the issues of working class families     Matt Corey today demanded than Chris Murphy stop stalling and immediately...

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