Matt Corey On The Issues


The $20 trillion in debt that we face is stifling job growth. The failure and lack of courage in Washington to pass a balanced budget is hindering our ability to grow the economy. This is similar to what we are facing here in Connecticut. We need to encourage research and development. With the right tax policy we can bring technology companies to invest in this country and state. We need job growth in new technologies. We have to create a pathway for the next generation to bring new innovation to help America be the leader in the 21st Century. Our current representatives only talk about obstruction. The harmful regulations that cost businesses millions of dollars that could be used for job growth and research of the new technologies of tomorrow. The last ten years here in the State of Connecticut we have lost over 100,000 manufacturing jobs. We need to invest in small business in low income communities to increase job opportunities for all. The apprentice programs the President is advocating for will help get the workforce educated for the jobs of the future. With all the government contracts Connecticut receives, major corporations along with private sector investment in these communities can help lower the high rate of unemployment. This investment can educate and prepare people for the labor market.

Social Security/Medicare/Medicaid

We have 59 million Americans receiving benefits from Social Security, which includes retirement, disability, and survivor benefits. This benefit is not an entitlement. The people, who are not entitled to it, are the politicians who borrow from it. There is $2.8 trillion in Treasury bonds backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. Government. That is us folks. We need to get the 94 million plus people that are out of work, back in the work force who are not yet of retirement age. We also need to raise the contribution cap. We need to give social security to those who need it most. It was a safeguard to prevent seniors from living in poverty. We need tax free retirement savings accounts. This will encourage people to save more. We also need to look at increasing the retirement age. This can be done if we have serious people in Washington making the tough decisions. More powers should be given to the states on Medicaid spending. States should be held more accountable for coming up with cost saving measures for the younger people receiving assistance such as a voucher system to help them get private insurance. We need the public and private sector working together to solve these problems.

Health Care

We all agree health care cost is on the rise. We should allow the purchase of health insurance across state lines. We also need tort reform. Doctors are under tremendous strain and rising costs of performing their job. There should be no discrimination on purchasing health care with preexisting conditions which the states should subsidize through cost effective Medicaid programs. The health care exchanges are in place. Let the free market compete in these exchanges so the American people can get the best rates. We also need to create large pools so individuals can get the best rates available. This should include creating policies to cater to individual needs to get more people to sign up.


  • 100,000 manufacturing jobs lost in the State of CT since year 2000
  • Construction industry lost 20,000 jobs since 2008
  • Insurance industry related jobs have been reduced from over 60,000 to just under 37,000 since the 1990’s
  • Each generation has an obligation to pave the way with opportunities for the next, instead we have burdened them with a selfish debt on the State and Federal level


Defense is vital to our nation’s security and our state’s economy. We only have one representative on the House Armed Services Committee. We can’t afford to lose Federal contracts. Connecticut’s economy depends on preserving these defense contracts. ISIS must be destroyed wherever it festers. We need strong leadership in Washington with a clear mission to destroy this evil. If we elect to do nothing we will witness evil and genocide continue to destroy human life. Radical Islam will influence the youth in the region taking generations to eradicate. We need to lead a coalition of forces from the region to destroy this evil. North Korea and Iran must not be allowed ballistic missiles or nuclear weapons. We must put more pressure on China with trade policies to influence them that a nuclear Asian peninsula is not in their best interest.


Give parents the choice to enroll their children in the public schools, charter schools, or private schools they feel could help their child’s future to compete in a world market. Provide a tax credit for families who home school their children. Eliminate the Federal Department of Education and return power to the states and local government. Send block grants back to the states. Let teachers and parents have more input in the education process of their children. The civil rights battle of today is in the cities. Children can’t attend schools that have vacant seats because of quotas. We need strong legislative leadership to address this injustice.


We need confidence in the business sector so we can continue job growth. We need to decrease federal spending on wasteful projects and increase private sector investment through tax reform. Federal mandates and burdensome regulations are destroying job growth. We need to revisit duplicate regulations that are preventing companies from investing in our most deprived communities. We need a sound energy policy so companies can compete in a global economy. We need fossil fuels along with green energy to fuel our economy. We need to invest in the next generation who will have the answers through research and development to lead this nation in becoming a clean energy independent country. We need corporate tax reform to bring back the trillions of dollars overseas back to the United States. We need to stop crony capitalism. We need to end the import export bank which uses tax payer money to fund some largest corporate welfare.


We owe our freedoms to those who serve. They must never be forgotten. The seen and unseen scars must be of top priority. The backlog of disability claims must be addressed immediately. We cannot send our men and women into harm’s way and forget them when they return. Washington needs to keep their promises to our veterans. I propose we eliminate every veterans hospital that is failing our veterans and put them into the hospitals that work for everyone. The VA has a budget of $160 billion. Some of this money is not spent in the interests of our veterans. The VA must be held accountable for failing to serve our veterans with the dignity they deserve. We also need to extend the GI Bill for life for those who have served with honor.


For years Congress has failed to address the problem of our broken immigration system. Now, with the continuing threat from terrorism from abroad, the danger of illegal drugs, as well as the sheer and unsustainable cost of illegal immigration, we must solve this dilemma.

Our elected representatives in Washington, including my opponent, have failed us. Chris Murphy, who wants nothing more than to grow the Federal government, says the problem of illegal immigration is just too big to solve – so we just let everybody and anybody in. And the problem only gets worse year after year.

We are, or should be, a nation of laws. Illegal immigration is an insult to our values, to our citizens, to the concept of the rule of law, and to the thousands of foreign nationals who adhere to the rules and regulations, and enter our nation legally to visit, to work or become legal citizens.

Above all, we need to fully enforce our existing laws, and especially secure our southern border, along with the other various entry points into our nation, against further illegal entry. That means building the wall at our southern border. And it means we need to listen to our troops on the ground, our ICE and Border Patrol agents, and consider and implement their recommendations as we fight this battle.

This first step needs to be effective, and visible and consistent, both to stop the illegal flow immediately and so those who try to enter repeatedly understand the effort is futile. Additionally, sanctions against those who traffic in illegal immigration may need to be enhanced as a further strong deterrent.

Any law without effective enforcement is no law at all. Natural born Americans are expected to adhere to laws. There is no reason illegal immigrants should be exempt from out laws. This means the practice of Sanctuary Cities must end. We must the abuse of Visa overstays. We must make employers accountable when they hire illegal immigrants.

At the same time, we need speed and streamline the review of immigration applications from people who want to immigrate legally. Justice delayed is justice denied, and an inexcusably long review just encourages people to skirt the rules.

We need to clear the legal immigration pipeline, and consider and perhaps increase the number of those permitted to emigrate legally. Legal immigration is a benefit to our nation, as it is to every nation, and it should be permitted and encouraged within the limits each nation determines is best.

Lastly, we need to finally address the issue of the estimated millions of immigrants who are here illegally. A blanket amnesty for all illegal immigrants is unfair to American citizens and to those immigrants who adhered to our legal immigration process.

Amnesty will just encourage future immigrants to break our laws and then wait for the next blanket amnesty.

One solution is a self-identification process for the illegal immigrants who are already here, and who want to step out of the shadows, become real citizens, and remain here and contribute openly and fully to the welfare of their families and our nation.

One approach is to require registration with the Immigration and Naturalization Service along with the payment of a fine. Initially, this fine could be deferred, suspended or even waived to spur compliance. But the lawbreakers must pay some sort of a penalty for their lawlessness.

Those who self-identify would be eligible to work legally and pay taxes. However, they must comply with the entire citizenship process, and would start at the back of the line. Applicants who break our laws or depart from the legal immigration process would be subject to deportation.

The fine could increase annually, and after a certain period of time, perhaps five years, those who are here illegally and choose not to participate in the legal process would be subject to deportation.

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