Murphy Continues to Dodge Debating Matt Corey

Just “too busy” is an insult to Connecticut voters

Murphy cares more about his lush D.C. lifestyle

than the issues of working class families



Matt Corey today demanded than Chris Murphy stop stalling and immediately agree to three debates so voters can determine if Murphy is representing their best interests — or is just in D.C. to further his own political career.


“Our campaign has already reached out to Chris Murphy and was told he is just too busy to schedule debates,” said Matt Corey, the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Connecticut.


“This is nothing more than a transparent dodge.  The truth of the matter is Chris Murphy is terrified of discussing and debating his abysmal record in D.C.  In 2006, candidate Murphy demanded a ‘series of debates’ against Congresswoman Nancy Johnson but now that he is the incumbent, refuses to set debates with me.”


“He has no response for his continued stonewalling of the secret taxpayer-funded slush fund used for years to silence the victims of sexual harassment on Capitol Hill.  Murphy will spends hours on the allegations against Justice Kavanaugh, but has no time nor interest when allegations might target his staff, or his cronies on Capitol Hill – or perhaps even himself.”


“The voters of Connecticut deserve three full debates – one in the eastern part of the state, one in the central part and one in the western part – so they can see for themselves if Chris Murphy is deserving of another term in office.”


“Aside from his histrionic outbursts whenever a TV camera is around, the only things for certain that you can on Chris Murphy for is: 1) raising campaign cash on whatever tragedy befalls our nation; 2) growing the size and scope of government; 3) putting the Federal government deeper in debt; and 4) opposing every good thing President Trump does to grow our economy and create more and better-paying jobs.”


“Chris Murphy needs to face the voters and explain why he has failed them over the past six years.  Connecticut residents can not afford another six years of Chris Murphy.”


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