Is Chris Murphy, his Staff or Donors on the

Secret List of Congressional Sex Abusers?

Murphy’s continued silence means he is

complicit in the continuing Congressional cover-up


Nearly 150 cases and $10 million in taxpayer-funded

settlements paid since Murphy arrived in Congress


Statement by Matt Corey, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate:

“Nearly a year ago we were shocked to learn that Chris Murphy and our elected representatives on Capitol Hill had operated a secret taxpayer-funded slush fund to silence victims of sexual harassment and abuse at the hands of Congress and its staffers.

“I demanded full disclosure of the multi-year, multi-million dollar cover-up scheme – and yet Chris Murphy did nothing!

“Six months ago I repeated my demand, and criticized the inexcusable delay in disclosure – and yet Chris Murphy did nothing!

“We now know that Connecticut Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty orchestrated a cover-up of allegations of sexual abuse and harassment in her office to win an election.

“Last week we learned that a Senate staffer has resigned amid allegations of past sexual harassment.

“And a just-released survey of staffers, legislators and lobbyists in our Capitol in Hartford shows a virtual plague of sexual harassment, with nearly 25 percent reporting incidents of unwanted sexual contact and touching, along with comments, messages and other forms of sexual harassment and intimidation.

“And yet, with all of this around us, Chris Murphy remains silent, his hands in his pockets, and refuses to disclose the names and amounts involved in the taxpayer-funded Congressional slush fund.

Who is Chris Murphy Protecting?  And Why?

“Since Chris Murphy arrived in DC 12 years ago, he has done absolutely nothing about this unforgivable situation, which is nothing less than a national disgrace.  His continued silence makes him complicit in the deceit and may suggest a deeper involvement on his part in the scandal.”

“U.S. taxpayers, without their knowledge, have been subsidizing illegal behavior via the secret payments of settlement money to the victims.  We need to find out who the abusers are end the taxpayer-funded secret settlement payments now.”

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