John Kerry’s ‘Resistance Diplomacy’ With State-Sponsor-of-Terrorism Iran Shows Murphy chooses appeasement once again for the ‘Death to America’ Regime

Is Murphy Practicing to be President Already?

The news that private citizen John Kerry has been conducting ‘resistance’ or shadow diplomacy with state-sponsor-of-terrorism Iran is shocking,” said Matt Corey, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate.

“But more egregious is the fact that Chris Murphy is silent on this effort to undermine the U.S. State Dept and national security. In fact, despite the failure of the Iran Nuclear Deal, it shows he supports yet more appeasement of the regime that has repeatedly vowed Death to America and Death to Israel as it continues to advance aggression and instability in Middle East.”

We have one President and one foreign policy, especially when it involves sworn enemies of the U.S. like Iran and North Korea. We need to stand firm and united and protect our best interests.”

“We should not encourage and appease the bad actors via pallets of cash and promises of more concessions from the next Administration.”

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